Garden Gourment ma jedną misję,

rozkochać ludzi w produktach roślinnych od pierwszego kęsa.

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Good for you, good for the planet

We want to inspire a new generation of food lovers.

Whether you're choosing a plant-based lifestyle for its health benefits, moral values, personal preference or you're passionate about protecting the environment, we stand behind you.

Nature guardians

Our philosophy is simple, we want to bring you delicious plant-based solutions and recipes with a conscience!

We know we're not going to fix everything overnight, but we take our role as nature-guardians very seriously and we don't want to disappoint our Mother, Earth


Plant approved

We believe in the power of soy protein, as its environmental footprint is much lower than animal protein

Live a healthy life

We lovingly craft our products to make sure they fit into a healthy lifestyle

We do our part

We should all feel good about doing our part as conscientious consumers